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Well folks, it's me, Kate Rakestraw. You're probably wondering how you ended up here, but let me tell you why you should stay. Basically, I love to write. I get jazzed on it. It's like cocaine but LEGAL and sans the wear and tear on your nose. 

I love it so much that I'm staking my entire life on it. Want the numbers?  

12 months. 6 books. 2 series. 1 universe. A race to publication and YOU get to come for the ride. 

That's right. In 12 months, I'll be writing 6 books that will launch my writing career. Will I be full time at the end? Will I fail? Give up? Throw up? Go bald? Well, you'll have to stay and see. 

Now, until I make my millions, sail off to a secluded island in my yacht, and start eating my own hair, I guess you're stuck with me and my vision. I'm seeing it clear now. This is my journey to being a full time author in just one year. The highs, lows, tears, blood, and sweat are going to be on this blog, in my newsletter, and, soon, my Patreon.

Take a gander around the site. Enjoy it. Breathe it in. 'Cause in a year from now, this will be the road map for how YOU can write six novels in a year and launch your career as a full time author! 

Aight, peace.

XOXO -Kate  

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