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Well, folks, meet Kate Rakestraw. I know, I know, try to play off the let down. Basically, I love to write. I get jazzed on it. It's like cocaine but LEGAL and sans the wear and tear on your nose. 

Now, until I make my eight figure book deal, sail off to a secluded island in my yacht, and start eating my own hair, I guess you're stuck with me and my vision for this blog. I'm seeing it clear now. It's a place where writer's can come for a pick-me-up. Read about my tales of woe. Successes. Lower than low lows. And one day, you'll be able to take quizzes upon quizzes about who you are as a writer.  'Cause obvi that's been something missing in your life. 

Take a gander around. Enjoy it. Breathe it in. 'Cause in a year from now, this will be better, grander, and so full of content that you'll probably hate it and call me a sell out. You know what I have to say that? Nothing. Because you're probably right and I don't have the backbone for confronting the internet. 

Aight, peace. 

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