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25 Ways to Write A Sad Character

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25 ways to write a sad character.

 We're looking at 25 ways to write a sad character and, well-- Oh Lord. Okay, It’s happening! It’s HAPPENING!

These posts are going to be like brain teasers. Except, instead of a tease it’s a flamethrower burning my brain until it’s so hot my hair catches fire. Or- wait, maybe it’s the other way around.


25 Ways to Write a Sad Character Without Using the Word Sad

  1. Tears burning in eyes, nose, throat
  2. Tight feeling in the back of your throat when you’re holding back tears.
  3. Sinking feeling in chest
  4. A numb emotional state
  5. A numb body —yeah I put numb twice. WHAT ABOUT IT ADRIEN?
  6. Anxiety that’s either the cause or the effect of the sadness
  7. Trembling lips
  8. Looking down, unable to meet anyone’s eyes
  9. A shrug as the only answer they’re able to physically give
  10. Sighing if you’re a melodramatic bi-otch like me
  11. Weak body. Feeling dragged down by a weight. Unable to move
  12. Turned down eyes —- okay I stole this one. How do you turn down your eyes? 
  13. Bad posture - slumped
  14. Sinking face
  15. Pain in stomach, physical pain that’s all over 
  16. Wanting to be alone
  17. Not wanting to talk
  18. Wanting to talk about it to anyone who will listen
  19. Trying to get your mind off of it
  20. Taking risks to feel better — looking at you Bella Swan.
  21. Feeling like there’s no point in anything — Borders on depression but maybe normal people feel this too? Any normies out there who can confirm? 
  22. Feeling lost
  23. Reaching out to people you shouldn’t 
  24. Trying new things
  25. Crying. Duh.


Or maybe you’re a sweetheart and was rooting for me the whole time. Either way, alas, we are at the end of this mediocre list. If you have better ways to say ‘sad,’ drop in the comments below! Tell me what you're thinking of the blog, whisper sweet nothings into that verbal text feature.

Or don’t, like whatev. 

Aight. Ta ta. Stay saucy. 

XOXO - Kate

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